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Targeting the future

Africa is changing fast. We work with clients at every level, helping them make sound decisions, convert decisions to actions and deliver sustainable success. We offer a wide range of investment advisory and investment support services.

Our Goal

To be the go-to place for investing in Africa

Our Culture

Enterprise with integrity

How We Get There
  • We enable African businesses and economies grow by offering them services and opportunities as good as any in the world.
  • We connect investors with the right opportunities for successful investment in Africa through best practice service.
  • We grow value for our investors and contribute to prosperity in our community
Why Choose us
  • Our leaders have come from the best. backgrounds anywhere
  • Integrity is paramount to us, as is service.
  • We are entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand investing.
  • We know Africa and we are here in Africa

An integrated network of online and physical resource centres for emerging enterprises in Nigeria and beyond.

A continent-wide enterprise, dedicated to accelerating prosperity in Africa using the globally-proven franchising model.

Registered practitioners in out-of-home advertising, public space developers and mass media specialists.


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Mr. Neofitos Michaelides

Enigma Global

Mr. Edward (Ned) Voelcker

Castleman Consulting Ltd

Mehdi Ben Abdallah


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