Expanding business growth and opportunities in Africa.

Investment Promotion

We design and implement investment promotion programs for governments, regions and special economic zones

Investment Destination Marketing

We draw investment attention to specific destinations and sectors

Country Risk Advisory

We assist foreign direct investors to navigate country and region risk, leverage policy and access niche opportunities.

Private Equity

We hold pioneer interest in niche ventures and invest enabling stake in others in high impact, high value opportunity spaces.

Merger & Acquisition

We identify opportunities and manage mergers and acquisitions in key sectors in Africa.

Pro-Investment Policy Design

We design and steward pro-investment policy and assist governments to land partners.

Discretionary Research

We provide discretionary intelligence, sector insight and compliance services.

Corporate Strategy Adaptation

Large conglomerates often find that success in Africa requires adaptive strategies. We have decades of know-how in adapting corporate strategy to local realities to improve success rates and mitigate risk.

Investment-Ready Portfolio

We maintain a small portfolio of carefully screened investment ready projects especially in niche opportunities benefiting from fiscal or policy incentives

Social Impact Investing

One of our specialties is design, monitoring and implementations of ESG and other social impact investing for corporates and DFIs. We also assist state entities find funding or in kind support for projects with alternative-to-commercial metrics


We strongly believe that franchising as a business model de-risks SME investing and has a huge economic impact through job creation and mainstreaming of the informal sector. It also has a yet untapped overlap with digital. Through direct investing and investment promotion and in association with our investee Africa Franchise Center, we can help you make the most of Franchising in Africa.

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